About Me

Bangalee Kamara Jr is a senior level computer programmer with efficient coding skills in C, C++. C#, PHP, Python, R for data science amongst other languages. Mr Kamara is also a C-Sharp (C#) application devleoper for both desktop and web. He is good in writting database scripts base on the the following languages databases:


2) MySQL

3) Oracle

4) Postgres and Sqlite

What I do now........

Currently I'm a Software Developer at Mwetana IT and Consulting Group. I work as both frontend and backend developer. We work with technologies that include:

1) Microsoft ASP.NET Core Web applications (Web App, MVC, and API)

2) Microsoft SQL Server database

3) JavaScript libraries (React JS and Native)

I'm also involve in Freelancing, for both myself and others. I develope website, build Dekstop application for small and large businesses, enterprise, companies and even personal portfolio for professionals and celebrities.

You can get in touch with me by clicking the contact link above and let me know what you want.